Thursday, 30 June 2016

Facts that you Never Knew about Music Mastering

Music mastering has always been a major practice in the music industry. In the earlier days, a tape recording used to be copied to vinyl through a number of processes. The processes did not mean in the olden days, thanks to the minimal technology that existed back then. Today, things have changed and the present technology has enabled sound engineers to look at music from different perspectives.

What Happened in Early Days
Around those days in the past, there used to be a music engineer who was only required to copy and paste the mix on vinyl. There was not much need for a professional mastering studio. Yes, the studio system might seem intimidating to you, but nowadays, with good technology easily available at hand it becomes a shame not to use them to their full potential.

Who is a Music Engineer?
A sound engineer just does not need to be a music lover, because we can find plenty of them in London for that matter. A music engineer needs to have a perfect ear for sound frequency because it is the slight changes to the frequency that can create a huge difference to a mix.