Friday, 10 February 2017

Know the Importance of Audio Mastering and Mixing

When you generally hear a good song, you always appreciate the effects and track vibes that make you groovy or may be sentimental- whatever, the tracks want to make you feel. But there are a few people those who think about the creative process behind it. If you are the one who has made this track, may be a song producer or the DJ, without saying anything it is obvious that you have spent off hours per day working on the process to make it perfect, along with professional in the terms of sound quality.

Making single track is not an easy task. A musician should take care of the recording elements and put them all together to form an excellent composition. After the process of recording, the process of post-production comes that involves two important parts in the entire production process- online audio mastering and mixing. Many audio engineering studios offer the services of mastering music online for the clients having various requirements, some want to master jazz, some wants pop and some want classical.

Online mixing and mastering


The Importance of Post-production

Post-production is the term that is not only applicable to the field of music, but it is applied to the movies, TV serials and videos as well. This process is referred to the step of fine tuning of all the elements and then using them together as a single material so that the resultant item that is being formed is of high quality and it is ready for the process of distribution. The post-audio production takes place with the help of the software where the engineer adjusts, eliminates, maneuvers and applies the effects for bringing the concept of sound in some form that can be heard. This process, therefore, is one of the important parts of the entire process that offers a high-quality product at the end.

Audio Mixing-

The process is very important in the process. At this particular point, you have to take in account all the individual elements and treat them one after another exactly as you want. There is a popular belief that mixing is just the process of adjusting the volume. But, it is not true. There is something more to be done with the audio mixing, more than just increasing the volume. In these days, mixing is now done in the digital devices and this process is quite easier.

After the process of mixing, audio mastering comes into existence. During the mastering process, the engineer will be working on the mixed track and make some of the adjustments. The tracks now become professional. When you are sending the raw file to the engineer, you should first check the experience level of the professional along with his equipments that he uses for mastering and mixing. Online audio mastering service is one of the common techniques that are practiced in most of the studios.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Final Mixdown- A Guide from Professional Mastering Engineer

“Garbage in, garbage out” is one of the common quotations of the mastering engineers. The source material quality that is being used determines the quality of the final product that comes as a result. Most of the clients do not have any problem in following the simple preparation procedures, but they usually do not reach out further too much. Once the sound mix feels good to them, they can get it done. Generally, there are high levels of refinement that are paying to high levels of dividends.

Mastering and mixing are two important aspects of sound engineering. In the earlier days, both these procedures are not taken into too much consideration. But, now the musicians have realized their importance and what role they play in bringing the best sound that is good to hear. These techniques also remove the bad sound from the tracks and make it more audible. The musicians, band members or the solo singers now send their raw music files to the professional music mastering engineer through online for polishing the tracks and mastering.

Here are Some of the Points that are Given by the Professional Engineer for the Final Mixdown-

1.    Choose the Reference-

First, you should find a major label track that is having the perfect tonal balance that you are looking for. You should find the ideal track that has not totally decimated in the process of audio mastering; as you will be comparing it will be the un-mastered tracks. This step is very important while making the final mixdown.

2.    Load in the Tracks-

Ok, I may assume that you have already sorted all the sound tracks for the release as the stereo 24 bit, higher than it has or may be AIFF files, without any processing in the master bus. These tracks peak under 0 dB. If they hit the 0 dB, this means that they are clipped. The more lowering the gain on the master bus by 6 decibels, you can again try it. Once, you are getting the clear mixdowns, improve your DAW and then put each of them on different channels.

3.    Trim Each of the Tracks with Clip-

Most of the professional mastering engineer uses the loudest section of each track as the standard in the entire mixing. In almost all the cases, this indicates trimming al the tracks to about 15 seconds or more of the chorus track. Make sure to a solo individual channel before you are hitting the play so that it is not affecting your ears. May be you can turn down the reference track by the 12 dB as it is already mastered. 

4.    Match the Volumes-

You can bounce between the reference and the mixdown, this is one by adjusting the sound volume levels as long everything matches. Make sure that you are gaining the adjustment at the very clip level, mainly not on the channel so that you are not losing the settings.

These are some of the steps, which lead to final mixdown of the sound tracks at a studio.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Important Steps to Know When Mixing Audio Professionally

As an audio engineer, you may see many important techniques missing from the student mixing sessions. Here are some of the crucial steps that should be kept on the checklist when you are mixing audio or you are teaching your students to mix and master the sound. You may think that these tips can work like magic and will make your sound amazing. They are not actually magic or spell. They will help you to become more efficient and systematic.

Look below for some of the audio engineering tips for mixing the audio that is based on the Pro Tools, but these steps are applied to any DAW version and any genre of music that you are comfortable with. Most of the professional mixing and mastering experts follow these steps for bringing out the best sound when heard.

1.    Name and colour your track-
On the Pro Tools, it is very easy to rename a track by just double click on the name and rename. When the tracks are having the default name, it is very difficult to identify from the lot. You have to open each of the file repeatedly, hear them and confirm. But when you are renaming it, you can easily find the track. Double click on the actual colour of the audio track at the left will open the colour palette, so that you can give the colour as your wish. Having all the sections coloured and coloured will make your session easy to view.

2.    Set group and auxiliary tracks-
When you are setting up the Aux tracks for some specified groups with the help of the mix like the drums, backup vocals, and guitars; you are having more control over them. You can do things like using the EQ or the compress and can affect them all together. Be sure that you are naming all the Busses those routes towards the Auxiliary. Grouping the audio tracks is one of the great ways that help in controlling the multiple tracks at a single time.

3.    Reference track-
It is always better to have a reference track so that you can go back and then listen to in the similar genre so that you can know what you are mixing. At times, the clients may say you that he wants to hear one particular type of music.

These are some of the audio engineering tips, which you should do when you are performing the mixing and mastering services online. If you want to get a better sound of the tracks, better to use the best type of audio mixing instruments.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Online Mixing-Send Files to Professionals for Better Mix

Most of the clients ask the professionals regarding the best ways for online mastering. The online music mastering and mixing are becoming two of the most popular services in the field of music production. If you are finding for ways to mix your music online, then you have to understand how to collaborate with the online mixing engineer or the producer of the music that can benefit the project, professional relationship with the mixer and music. Most of the online professional mixers dedicate themselves to bring out the most creative elements in the music. This is generally made when the projects are to be prepared for the effective mixing.

Here are some of the tips that can help the online professionals for bringing the tracks on the right path. Here, the tips that are recommended for the clients before they are sent to the professionals that provide the online mastering and mixing services-
  1. Brief And Reference Tracks-
  2. The briefs provide both the parties the opportunity to agree on the process and the outcome of the mixing. The reference tracks are beneficial for the demonstration of the idea that wants to be achieved. The reference tracks are very important when you are preparing the tracks for online mastering.

  3. The Rough Mixing Of The Tracks-
  4. The rough mix will allow the mixer with the insight and the representation to the brief of the sound. It is better to always provide the mix that has the creative ideas rather than having the technical tips or modes.

  5. Sending The Files- Naming The Stems And Mixing Notes
  6. When you are sharing the projects for ensuring that the tracks and the audio stems are given the proper name in the right language. The mixers do not like to sort through the tracks that are named as the “audio xx” or the “track xx”. If you are forwarding the audio stems, you should organize the stems in the particular folders on the computer. This is very easy to prepare the next session for mixing the tracks. It is very useful for the mixer for organizing the track.

  7. Cleaning The Spaces And Tidying The Audio-
  8. This is one of the tedious processes, but it is important as well. Be sure that you are trimming the stem, deleting the unnecessary sounds from the tracks and fading the parts of the tracks that do not add anything to the song.
Apart from these, it is better to add EQ and compression in the audio for making the tracks sound better. At last, after preparing the track, send the files to the professionals who offer the services of online mastering and mixing.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

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